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How fast can you sort mail? In a world of really expensive and therefore commonly-forged stamps, it is up to one brave postal worker to make sure that false letters don't get sent and even the honest mistakes are noticed.

Postal Stampede is a game about punctuality. In the game, you must inspect letters and make sure that everything is made according to postal regulations. See a mistake or a fake stamp? Off to the "No" pile it goes. Is everything good? You stamp that with your Seal of Approval and put it forward.

Game by:

Anssi Penttilä – Programming
Ari Lehtiniemi – 3D Art
Timo Elsilä - Music & SFX
Tuomas Alahäivälä – 2D Art
Pyry Takkunen – Design

Used graphical materials from The Finnish Postal Museum, consulted by Mikko Nykänen.

Released under the Creative Commons license:

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